2. Instantly Connected with the Next Generation of Gardeners

Advertising through traditional formats is no longer effective. Tomorrow’s consumer wants to create a connection, not just see the specials. GrowIt! makes it easy to establish authentic connections.

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Promote your in-store events, add your plants

There are so many ways to connect with GrowIt! members!

Sharing = Connecting

Connecting to members in your area isn’t rocket science, just add photos of some of the plants you carry. Our members love plants and they want you to share. You can also promote in-store events and project ideas.


Conversation creates Authenticity

With over 10,000 conversations every year, there are plenty of ways for you to participate and lend your wisdom to the GrowIt! Community. Help ID plants, answer questions or just confirm you have what people are looking for.

Conversation creates Authenticity
Garden Shops

Recognition for Garden Shops

Everything you do leads members to your profile which includes: who you are, what you’re about, and store details.