Part Two: Showcasing Your Shop

The only mobile app that is putting Independent Garden Centers directly in front of Millennials.

Our app provides an audience of nearly 900,000 members that are looking to buy plants from local garden centers! 🎉💸 The best way for your shop to take advantage of this is by showcasing your inventory of beautiful plants and products. 🌵 The two best ways to gain customers on GrowIt! are posting beautiful plant photos and creating fun projects for the community! 📸

Showcasing Your Shop’s Inventory :

  1. Add Photos

The “Add Photo” feature allows you to reach thousands of people who are already looking for great places to buy plants. 🤑 Members want to know what plants you have in stock, before visiting your store.

Showcase your best plants by adding pictures of those beauties to your GrowIt! profile!

Once you upload your photos: 📸

  • You're instantly connected to every member within a 75 mile radius of your location

  • Plant care information is instantly added, we already have your plants in our database

  • Photos are featured in the exclusive “Shops” tab at the top right-hand corner of the app

  • You can schedule up to five posts at a time, so you can schedule content in advance

2. Creating Projects

The “Add Project” feature is a fun, interactive way to get creative with plant pictures! 🌻 The GrowIt! community wants to know your special seasonal projects/ events, and to see all the plants that you have in your shop!

Members can follow your projects and receive updates when you’ve added something new!💜

Once you create a project:

  • You’re instantly showcasing your project to members within a 75 mile radius

  • It will be featured in the exclusive “Projects” tab at the top right-hand corner of the app

  • People can click “Follow Project” to see any updates or plant photos that you add to the project