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When you purchase an affordable subscription you get...

1. An award winning app that will support your customers

Being a small business is hard. Too many tasks, not enough people.

Let GrowIt! handle the easy plant questions, so you can focus on selling more plants.


Your customers get help with -
Plant identification

Hundreds of plants are identified on GrowIt! each day. Once plants are identified, members receive detailed planting and care instructions. So when they buy the plant, they’re set-up for success.

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Get their questions answered

Our localized Q&A gives our members the ability to ask any plant question and receive feedback from others in their own area. This local component ensures relevant answers.


Get help finding the perfect plant

GrowIt! members can search for a plant based on attribute: colors, light requirements, wildlife benefits and more. Once they know which plant is right for them, they come to you to buy it!

Find the perfect plant