Fresh Insights Of September: Houseplant Watering

H2-OH NO! For National Houseplant Week, GrowIt! asked users houseplant-related questions and received over 10,000 responses. 🤩 On the third day of the week-long giveaway users were asked: “What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to houseplants?” The question received 1,264 responses and from these, we have determined that along with lighting, watering is a primary concern for houseplant owners. 🌊🌱 One of the users’ questions asked, “Why does my soil keep getting moldy? My soil is pretty loose and airy and I’m generally light with watering, so how do I fix this?” Encourage users to buy your best pots with drainage to help them with their over-watering. ⚱️ Gardeners also want to know how to appropriately water their plants. Not all houseplants are created equal. Someone who purchases an Alocasia and an Aloe in the same visit needs to know that the water requirements for both of those plants is very different. How are you giving them the heads-up at retail? What’s your go-to advice for watering? “If it looks dry, water it?” Let’s hope we can come up with something better than that. Our customers deserve better! We have to capitalize on this new generation of plant fanaticism, and help them succeed.

Head on over to the Q&A section of GrowIt! and answer their questions. Do whatever you can to educate the people about watering their plants!