Fresh Insights Of September: Succulents TOO!

National Indoor Houseplant Week (September 16-23) has caused a considerable increase in houseplant uploads by members. Indoor plants saw an even larger spike of interest than usual (HOW CAN THEY GET ANY MORE POPULAR?!). However, all of that activity and conversation wasn’t just focused around Monsteras and Peperomias. Succulents saw a lot of love as well! 🌵 They are still as popular as ever! The Top 20 plants this month are ALL houseplants, largely because of National Indoor Plant Week, but 4 of the Top 10 are Succulents! 😮

Succulents are an interesting class of plants. Great for beginners because they can be low maintenance, but also great for seasoned plant veterans who travel the world for slight variations in species to add to their collections. We see that shake out on GrowIt! as well, some members know which kinds they want specifically, while others just know them as succulents! These are the Top 4 Succulent uploads for September: Houseplant Aloe, Succulent, Echeveria and Jade Plant. It’s interesting to see both generic “succulent” as well as echeveria both make it into the top ten, but it goes to show two very different types of plant fans that use GrowIt! to connect with the people around them.

What does this mean for your business? ❓ Do you have the right plants for all interest levels across the spectrum? If not, are you marketing to the right category? Along with low light indoor houseplants, be sure to display your coolest succulents by uploading pictures of your precious cargo on the app! Our members are total SUCCERS for them! 😍