Fresh Insights Of October: Poisonous Plant Problems

Not all plants are friendly guests in the garden. As people take to their yards to do a little cleanup work this Fall, they’re coming across plants that they aren’t sure they want to handle! Members want to know how to rid their gardens of pesky poison ivy and other poisonous plants! 🥀 People are having trouble identifying which plants are actually poison ivy, but they also need help with removing it from their gardens! 🙅☠️

The main questions that members ask include, “What is the best way to get rid of/remove poison ivy?” or “Is this a poisonous plant/poison ivy?” Admittedly, it isn’t always an easy answer, and while some things might not be Poison Ivy, they could be Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Stinging Nettles, or any number of plants that could leave people with a rash. There have also been an influx of issues with mushrooms that are potentially putting their children and pets in danger. 🍄 Our users are asking questions like, “Has anybody else had issues with weird yellow mushroom/fungi popping up?” OR “Are these mushrooms good or bad?”

While we often associate spring with cleaning, it’s often the fall season that has people out tending to their yards. How can your business better prepare people for any potential dangers that are lurking beneath the leaves?