Fresh Insights Of October: Mushroom Mania!

We know that the climate is different across North America, but being based in Chicago, we realize in some spots, things have been WET lately. Which means that it's not exactly surprising that GrowIt! is seeing mushroom questions frequently nowadays! ❓ While we know and understand that these fungi aren’t plants, many gardeners associate them with plants, and want answers.

Mushrooms are very popular uploads during the fall season, but people also have a lot of questions about how to grow them, how to care for them and which kinds to grow— “What kind of mushroom is this?” AND “How to grow morel mushrooms in my area.” 🍄 While mushrooms are a polarizing pizza topping, people are curious about them. What’s safe/not? And how does someone grow the good ones on purpose?

A lot of gardeners are also wondering why these fungi are showing up in their other plants. One user asked, “Why do I have mushrooms in my well established schefflera tree?” Another wondered, “My phalaenopsis orchid has a mushroom growing on the side. What does this indicate and how do i take care of it to ensure i don't lose my plant?” People are wondering whether these mushrooms are good or bad for their plants and how to deal with them. 🤷 There is SO MUSH ROOM in the Q & A section for you to flex your knowledge on these topics, so head on over and help them out! 🧐