Fresh Insights Of October: Mum Companions

We’ve already covered Mums a little bit this fall. We know that the popular colors for 2018 were yellow, orange, and white, and that is continuing in 2019! So far we’ve seen twice as many yellow mums as the next most popular color (orange). 🌻🌼 They were one of the three most uploaded fall plants and the most loved plant on GrowIt! in October of 2018. So obviously you're going to showcase those beauties, but let's take it a step further! Mums are only a piece of the puzzle. While a garden center loaded with nothing but mums might have a striking presence, people want to add more to their fall displays. So, what else are we seeing in those mum photos? What else screams “FALLLLLL!” to consumers?

As you might expect, Pumpkins, Scarecrows, and Flowering Kale/Cabbage show up a lot alongside their hush hush plant friends - yes that’s a “mum’s the word” joke. However, we’ve seen several other accent plants as well. Dusty Miller has popped up across the board, and standard Vinca Vine is being used as a trailing component. Some other plants that seem to be prevalent were a little surprising, but maybe shouldn’t be as temperatures have been warm in a lot of areas. Marigolds (Orange/Red tones more so than Yellow), Roses, and Blue Salvia are appearing side by side with Mums on the app. Summer is refusing to give up this year, and people appear to be enjoying the mixture of the seasons! Are there ways you can showcase how to add mums into what consumers already have going on? Maybe it’s not a replacement plant this year, but a nice plug-in of color!