Fresh Insights Of September: Houseplant Lighting

For National Indoor Plant Week, GrowIt! asked members houseplant-related questions and received over 10,000 responses. 😵 On the third day of the week-long giveaway users were asked: “What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to houseplants?” The question received 1,264 responses and from these, we have been able to determine that the main challenge noted by users is related to sunlight or lighting problems. ☀️ GrowIt! users are also asking a lot of lighting-related questions in the Q&A section, with a specific interest in low light plants. ⛅ Here are a couple of the questions: “Any advice on good low light plants? My house is dim and I can’t seem to find [houseplants] that do well in low light?” AND “I’m in a low light setting in a basement, so it can be pretty cold at night as well. 💡 I’m looking to get advice on the best indoor plants that are easy to take care of!”

While it’s obvious that houseplants have been extremely popular, it’s important to realize that along with the plants themselves, people are interested in purchasing lights, and systems to take better care of their plants. Are you showcasing lighting options next to your houseplants? Are you actively showing people which plants need which types of light?

People have questions! Go help them out in the Q&A section of the app, direct them to your business, and showcase your best low light indoor plants! 🏡

plant lighting 2.jpeg