Fresh Insights of September: Tree Care

Members want to find the ROOT of their tree problems! 🌲 There are an unbeLEAFable amount of tree questions on the app right now, with the most popular questions asking about how to care for mango, guava, and lilac trees. 🍊🌳It probably comes as no surprise that a lot of these tropical fruit questions are coming from southern states. However, it is peculiar that almost 50% of all tree questions on the app in the last 14 days have been related to fruit trees (and most are tropical). From the questions it seems like there’s some sort of water or nutrient issue that people are struggling with. “Why are all these leaves yellow?” Seems like anybody selling fertilizer would want to know about that…

We are also seeing more and more questions popping up about the fruits themselves. “How do I know if this is ripe?” And the last area we are seeing an increasing number of questions about tropical fruit trees in is how to winter over fruit trees in non-tropical areas. From the Gold Coast to Long Island people have bought exotic trees to add tropical flair to their outdoor living spaces. Now they need to know how to overwinter them, or where they can get some help with that.

What can your business do to build credibility with our members? Get on the apps’ Q&A section and give them some expert help for starters. Be on the lookout for customers struggling with similar problems in your area. 🧐