Fresh Insights of September: Spider Plants

Spider Plants are hot right now! 🔥 Even though we horti-snobs may look at the Spider Plant and grimace, new customers don’t feel the same way. National Indoor Plant Week is starting next week (September 16-22)! Our members love to participate in this special event, so of course, they want to purchase some cool, unique indoor plants to show off on GrowIt! (We will of course be giving away houseplants all week on the app! As well as asking members all sorts of insightful questions.) 🌵 According to our data, one of the most searched plants of September so far is the “Spider Plant.” 🕷️People are wondering where they are available. How can you crawl your way into this September trend? 🕸️ Put aside your personal feelings and realize that these prolific self-propagators are perfect for newbies and collectors alike. Showcase all your available Spider Plants on GrowIt! and in your business!