Fresh Insights Of September: Fall Mum Colors

It’s Mum Season!!! Before going all in this season, we thought we’d prep you with the right color data. Yellow, white, and orange were the three most popular mum colors uploaded for Fall 2018. Yellow was the most popular mum color by far (37% of all mum photos) - We saw over 2x as many yellow mums as the next popular color (white) and 5x as many as red! 💛 White and orange combined for around 30% of the mum uploads, so all together, these three colors made up over 65% of the 500+ mum pictures that were uploaded to GrowIt! last Fall. 🌼🧡 Looks like people want a little dose of brightness in their gardens and these colorful mums will be perfect for the Fall. Board the mum train and start selling these vibrant beauties in your shops or to our members!