Fresh Insights: Trending Trees

When it comes to trees and consumers, there are a few times of the year when people really start to take note of nature’s skyscrapers. Fall is often a time when people start to look up. We have seen a lot of conversation on the app this fall regarding trees. Things like: how to take care of them, what trees are best for this, for that, etc. That got us wondering what are the top trees on GrowIt!? For 2019 so far the top trees added to the app are: 1. Japanese Maple, 2. Magnolia, 3. Maple (general), 4. Apple, 5.Dogwood.

This list of trees probably doesn’t come as that much of a surprise, but it does go to show what really interests people about trees. All of these trees have something of color to offer their admirers. How can we look to incorporate more “color” talk into our tree conversations with customers and clients?