Fresh Insights Of August: Pruning & Bulbs

Our members want to cultivate and care for their bushes and bulbs! 🌱 We are starting to see more questions on the app about how and when to prune, trim, and dig up bulbs and other plants. In general, it’s best to dig when plants are dormant. If gardeners lift their bulbs right now in the summer, they should be stored and dried in a well ventilated place. We’re also seeing questions about when to plant bulbs. For almost everyone it’s a little early for Fall bulbs, but it’s a good sign that people are asking!🍂 How can your business profit from these inquiries? Be sure to exhibit your best pruning tools, shears, clippers, saws, loppers, etc. ✂️⛏️ Consumers don’t realize that when it comes to tools, it’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Some jobs require specialized equipment. They also may have misconceptions on what they should be pruning and when. If you’re a nursery owner/manager why not put out a pruning quick-guide on the popular shrubs/perennials you sell featuring the what, when, and how.

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