Fresh Insights Of August: Pothos Party

Pothos are extremely popular this month ( and this YEAR)! It was the most uploaded plant on GrowIt!, bumping out Sunflower and Snake Plant. In fact, we’ve seen 30% more Pothos photos than the second most popular plant in the last two weeks - woah 🤯. When it comes to popular Pothos photos (say that 3x fast), one thing we’ve noticed is that the majority of plants are VARIEGATED. Green and white, yellow and green, sometimes all three! There are multiple plant varieties that you can showcase in your business. 'Marble Queen' 👸👑 and ‘Hawaiian’ are two of the most prominent.🍃

So what’s the deal with Pothos? Why so popular? Well, houseplants are undeniably having a moment right now, and Pothos makes for a great introductory plant. They grow faster than a lot of houseplants, and are relatively easy to care for. What can you do to benefit from this houseplant movement? Join the Pothos party and showcase your prettiest Pothos plants! Remember: green is good, yellow is better, but when it comes to Pothos that hit the trend, go VARIEGATED. Also, Pothos appears to be more than a flash in the pan. We’ve seen about 18% growth in uploads for the class, showing a fairly steady trend upwards.