Question Insights Of August: What Plants Are Safe For Pets?

We’re seeing tons of questions on the app about plants for pets - indoors and out! 🐶🐱 People care a lot about their furry friends, so it's no wonder they want to share their love for plants in a safe way. The three most popular houseplants on the app that are non-toxic to cats, dogs, and other animals are Echeveria, Spiderplant, and Prayer Plant. 🙏 Check out ASPCA's full database to find hundreds of other healthy plant options as well! What can your business do to capitalize on this consumer need? Be sure to showcase your pet-safe houseplants because gardeners want to protect their pets and spread the plant love! Remember: if you don’t let them know which specific varieties are pet friendly, they’re going to get their info somewhere else, and it may not be as accurate! 💖💚