Fresh Insights Of August: Gladiolus Rising

Here’s a blast from the past that you might have not predicted. Gladiolus (Gladiola, Gladioli, or Gladioluses- yes all are technically correct) is a top 25 flower on GrowIt! this year. So prolific that it’s beating out things like Dahlia, Morning Glory, Bleeding Heart, and Coreopsis. Our members are very interested in Gladiolus. From the photos and comments it’s clear that the bright and vibrant colors of these beautiful summer flowers is what catches the eye. They’re like giant garden crayons. Red, Yellow and Blue/Purple are dominating the uploads. 🌻 Gladiolus is just one of several “classic” plants that are making a comeback this year. Admittedly, this interest isn’t coming out of nowhere. Glads finished 2018 as a top 20 flower. We’ll see if it gets there for 2019 (things are looking good). What can you do to keep this trend going? Remember: though we’re bombarded with new varieties and plants every year, to the new gardener, every plant is a “new variety.” Capitalize on their excitement, and hook them up with something bold and beautiful… like Gladioluses. 🌞