Fresh Insights: Inside Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are the most popular trees on GrowIt! They offer a manageable height with intense color and varying textures. It shouldn’t be any surprise that consumers are extremely interested in them. However, with an increasing number of Japanese Maple cultivars coming to market, it’s important that we take a look and see which kinds of Japanese Maples appear to be of the highest interest to consumers.

What we found:

When it comes to specific varieties of Japanese Maple the top ones listed/mentioned on the app were: ‘Bloodgood’ (a deep red variety), ‘Sango kaku’ (a variety with red stems and lime green leaves that transition to pink/red), ‘Shishigashira’ (a dense variety with deep green leaves), ‘Otto’s Dissectum’, ‘Mikawa Yatsubusa’ (a variety with very pointed leaves), ‘Hefner’s Red’, ‘Fireglow’ (a bright red variety that gets taller than the others mentioned), and ‘Emperor I’.

When looking at the top varieties, as well as analyzing colors, there appear to be two distinct trends in consumer interest in the class. Some consumers are interested in a Japanese Maple that is red/purple ALL of the time, while others are interested in dense varieties that start green and offer either a red fall foliage, or offer red stems as in the coral bark forms.

The most popular colors of plants uploaded were #1 Lush Green, #2 Dark Red/Brown and #3 Bright Red.

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