Fresh Insights: Citrus Trees Are A Hit!

Consumers are extremely interested in citrus trees. They want to grow them indoors, outdoors, on their patios, wherever! On Day 6 of our Indoor Plant Giveaway, we received 1,509 responses to our question, “What non-houseplant do you wish you could grow indoors?”. Overwhelmingly they wished they could grow citrus trees and fragrant plants. When it came to Millennials all 5 of their top answers were fruit trees. In general, Citrus trees were the most listed. It was interesting to note that these “citrus” folks didn’t name a specific type of fruit. Followed by the general “citrus” answer was the more specific answer of “Lemon Trees”. So we had Citrus at #1 and Lemon at #2! Lemon tell ya… that’s pretty impressive! 🍋

We are also seeing a ton of questions about citrus trees and how to properly take care of them. 🌳 A lot of members are struggling to figure out if they can grow citrus trees in their specific area or zone. Other people are wondering when the oranges on their orange trees are ripe. Our users are also having some dark spot issues with their orange trees. 🍊

Orange you glad I said something? Now you can capitalize on this trend and showcase all your citrus-themed trees, plants, and products! Don't hesitate to head on over to the Q & A section either. Squeeze the day and help the plant community with their zesty questions! 😋