Who Is GrowIt!?

people headerSure, GrowIt! is an app for sharing plant pictures and rating plants.
However, the difference between GrowIt! and the million other gardening apps out there is that GrowIt! is also about people.

Our mission at GrowIt! is to get more people out in the garden. We want to connect gardeners to other gardeners. We want people that have never owned a plant before to be able to connect to every “green thumb” in their area. It’s time to enhance the Growing Culture by creating a platform for people who want to share and learn about plants.

event Today to introduce the People aspect of GrowIt! I ask the question:

 Who Is GrowIt!?

We’d like to have you believe that there are a million employees at GrowIt! that drive Segways around the office and play ping pong on their lunch breaks, but in reality GrowIt! is two average guys with the backing of an awesome technical team.


Seth Reed – Seth brings stability and hair gel to the GrowIt! team. He’s a man who’s truly embedded into plants. After receiving a degree in Horticulture from the University of Illinois, Seth moved north to the Chicago suburbs where he worked in the commercial flower seed industry for almost a decade. Seth is a true family man, and spends every moment he can with his daughter. Let’s just hope she doesn’t turn out like him :).


Mason Day – Mason brings creativity and a lack of knowledge of anything Pre-1990 to the GrowIt! team. Mason grew up around plants on a small farm and garden center in rural Michigan. After graduating from Cornell University, Mason moved west to the Chicago suburbs to work in Social Media. His primary focus was to develop content for leading plant brands. Though he has adjusted to the “grown-up” lifestyle he does still have the occasional “YOLO!” outburst in the office.

Mason for blog

The Tech Team:

Eight Bit Studios – When Seth and I created the concept for GrowIt!, we knew we would need some help. Neither of us knew the first thing about computer coding and programming. We sought to find a development company that was truly the best of the best in the Chicago area, and we found that group in Eight Bit Studios. They are responsible for taking all of your ideas and our crazy concepts and putting them into action. They are also the voice of reason when Seth and I suggest ideas that are simply out of date!

At the end of the day though, the real people driving GrowIt! are the people across the nation (and globe) that use the app every day to help out their fellow growers. For this we thank YOU!

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