What is GrowIt!? Join the Plant Community.

What is GrowIt!?
GrowIt! is a mobile app community with a mission to connect, educate, and inspire folks to dig plants. We provide a space for you to ask questions, get plants identified, organize projects, and share photos of your plant babies.

GrowIt! features

GrowIt! focuses on introducing you to people and plants that work well in your climate. It defaults to showing you plants, projects, and questions created within a 75-mile radius of your home growing location, but you can expand your radius or change your location to explore plants from all over North America. To find plants that meet your need, filter by color or attribute, such as attracts hummingbirds, to customize your feed to meet plants that work for you. Other members are generous, sharing knowledge ranging from plant identification, tips for getting started, and troubleshooting ‘what’s wrong with my plant?’

You can also search for your nearest independent garden shop via our Garden Shop program to find a great local resource for plants and meet knowledgeable staff. Or find out if your local botanic garden offers a GrowIt! Tour To-Go. These tours are a great way to learn the complete story of these hidden gems, sharing details about the plants, art, architecture, or history of a garden.

GrowIt! is the destination for finding the answers, resources, and connections you need to be successful with your plants. And we only talk plants — no politics, sports, or make-up chatter…we’re focused on all the benefits of plants. You can ask anything plant related! 

We also like to give plants away. Active community members receive plants to sample or consumer test. We are also known to give away seeds or other plants, just because we like our members. And we sometimes partner with plant brands for exclusive offers for our members.

We strive to create a helpful, inspiring, supportive community, so we ask all members review and abide by our Community Guidelines. To participate in the community, download the GrowIt! app from Google Play or the App Store, and post your first plant. We can’t wait to grow with you.

Be sure to check out our GrowIt! Guides for additional help.