What is GrowIt!?

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You’ve heard a little about GrowIt!.... or a lot depending on which co-founder you talked to.


You’re interested, but you want to know more. You have so many questions!


In time we want to answer everything, but let’s do it in small doses.


The first and most obvious question is:

 What is GrowItGrowIt!_LOGO_Horiz

When you’re new to a city and want to find a place to eat, what do you do? You use Yelp. When you’re new to gardening….. you use GrowIt!. GrowIt! is built on a network of user uploaded photos that are tagged by you and your phone’s GPS.

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If a user sees a plant that they like or dislike, they take a picture of it, then identify it (or label it as “Help Me Identify” to have it labeled for you), and then give it a rating. After the photo is uploaded, other users within a 75 mile radius can see that photo in the “Rate” feed and give it their own rating. Through time, pictures and plants acquire ratings and comments. Then anyone looking for plant inspiration can filter through these photos and ratings to find the plants that they like best. Again, you only see things from 75 miles around you, so you should only be seeing things that work in your area. Local plants for local people.

Rate The cool thing is that GrowIt! makes finding the right plant as easy as knowing your favorite color. You don’t know anything about plants, but want to plant your first flowerbed? Don’t feel intimidated. Search GrowIt! and find something you like before you ever even go to the store! Have a question about a specific plant or photo? Leave a comment and ask a question for that user!

info and inspirationOur job is to connect people to people and people to plants. It’s a social world!

So why don’t we Garden Socially!?


Mason Day – Co-founder, GrowIt!

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