What colors do Poinsettias come in?

What colors do Poinsettias come in? There are more than 100 varieties of Poinsettias. Do you opt for the traditional colors and varieties, or prefer to display an uncommon or new take on this popular holiday plant? We searched GrowIt! and found Poinsettias in blue, teal, purple, and pink hues. Members staged them in giant trees, as showstopping clusters, and as a single plant rocking the spotlight.

These December favorites bring the holiday spirit to any room. And are a perfect selection for #GiftGreen.

The University of Vermont Extension office reports in The Green Mountain Gardener that three quarters of the poinsettias sold in the U.S. are red, followed by white and pink. Are those the colors you’re seeking?

Check out the gallery below full of all sorts of varieties and colors, and jump into the conversation (tap from mobile) over on GrowIt! for your chance to earn yourself a free Poinsettia in your favorite variety. And if you’re looking for the perfect playlist for your holiday gathering, don’t forget to check out the GrowIt!‘s Christmas Thyme list.