What are the best plants for fall? #AutumnBlooms

What are the best plants for fall? This post will walk you through some vibrant selections for fall plants.

Though the first official day of fall is fast approaching, the bright blooms of plants don’t need to die off with summer. There are vibrant plants of all colors ready to brighten up your balcony, front stoop, and garden. We’re talking begonias, pansies, chrysanthemums, ornamental peppers, flowering kale, and asters. And don’t feel pressured to stick to the standard yellows and oranges. We’ve noticed beautiful pink begonias and lavender hued mums. We’re loving all the color. That’s why this month in the GrowIt! community, we’re celebrating #AutumnBlooms.

Need some help selecting yours? Use the filter feature in the app to find plants in your preferred color. Or find a Garden Shop near you, and see what they have to offer.

Check out some of our favorite fall plants appearing in the community over the last couple of weeks below and come to the community to share your #AutumnBlooms.