Top plants for bathrooms

We’ve noticed a trend popping up on GrowIt! — bathroom plants! So we thought we’d put together a list of great plants that will thrive in the low light, humid bathroom environment.
Here are some houseplants that love humidity and also aide in air purification. Plus… if it’s close to the shower, you won’t forget to water it?

Great bathroom plants:

  • Dieffenbachia – This is a humidity-loving selection! The leaves are either splashed or striped and can add great variation to your space.

  • Dracaena – There are all sorts of Dracaena, and you’ve definitely seen them before in other settings, but we recommend using Dracaena marginata or Dracaena fragrans. Both species come recommended by NASA for their air purifying qualities.

  • Fern – Ferns are great for bringing the outside in. The lush foliage is great with any decor and it loves humidity.

  • Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) – These are fantastic, and a bonus is that they tend to need less light than your average tropical houseplant. They prefer it hot and humid making it a perfect pairing for a steamy room.

  • Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum – Want something that blooms? Peace Lilys almost NEED a shower environment to thrive. They like it hot and humid and will thrive in those conditions. With this one, you’ll even get some lovely flowers to accent your décor.

We’d love to hear what plants you’re growing in your bathroom — upload your indoor bathroom plants to GrowIt!