This one is for the birds

We’ve joined the #Garden4Wildlife movement to provide habitats to attract birds, lady bugs, and butterflies in our gardens. The February cover story at National Wildlife Federation noted 100s of once common U.S. birds are declining in numbers. Nearly 430 of North America’s birds are at risk of extinction. Here are some details of the birds at risk:
Check out the ideas below for creating a bird habitat in your garden.  

Providing a clean water source and food are two of the four components (others include cover and a place to raise young) needed to create a wildlife habitat in your backyard.

Check out this blog for four product (or DIY ideas) to provide a water source in your space:

While naturalist and spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation, David Mizejewski recommends planting native plants to provide food, supplemental feeders are an option too. Here are five options he’s tested:

And in general, there is so much wonderful information over at the National Wildlife Federation’s blog for garden habitats:

Inspire others in the GrowIt! community with photos of your garden habitat. Add photos of birds or other wildlife or habitat components (native plants, water source, shelter) from your garden with the #Garden4Wildlife.