The Basics

Plants HeaderLiking plants and being a good gardener are two very different things. The nice thing about GrowIt! is that we don’t care if you’re a great gardener. If you like plants we’ve got something for you!
For those in the audience that fall into that group of plant fans that might not have the greenest of thumbs we’re here to help you out. The good thing about the skill of growing is that (so far) it hasn’t been determined to be a genetic trait. That means anyone can develop a green thumb. Some just catch on quicker than others.

The Basics

You have to start out somewhere right? What are good plants for rookie growers?

Why don’t we start out with something simple, yet TOTALLY AWESOME!


Do you have a table, windowsill, patio, deck, yard, bowl, or a plastic cup? I thought so. You can literally plant succulents in any of those areas. Succulents come in millions of different shapes, sizes, and colors. These plants store water which means that they are excellent for those that might not be so great at remembering to water! Maybe you’ve heard of some of them like Echeveria, Hens and Chicks, or Aloe.

GrowItSucculentA lot of succulents stay petite which makes them great for apartment growers that don’t have much space, but still want to green up their abode.



Are you too lazy to water or just the most forgetful person… ever? Then maybe we need to start with something that requires even less attention than a succulent. Recently Air Plants have become very popular.

GrowItAirPlant2Why do they call them air plants? They literally get the water and nutrients they need from the air. They don’t even need soil! You can find air plants in all sorts of cool containers. Some even come attached to magnets for your refrigerator.

GrowItAirPlantAre you already growing some of these plants? Share with us on GrowIt!

Anyone can grow plants, you just have to start at the right level!

Get out there and GrowIt!

-Mason Day, Cofounder, GrowIt!