Sunshine, Summer and Yellow Shirts

It’s been a busy summer here at GrowIt! headquarters. Actually you could say that GrowIt! headquarters itself has been on the road. We’ve been busy traveling across the country showing people what we’re up to, and connecting people to gardeners in their area.
GrowIT! WC Fans

Most recently, we took a trip out to the Washington, D.C. area, and had the chance to see our friends at Greenstreet Gardens! They’ve been uploading photos this spring and trying to help people with their plant problems. We also stopped by the Union Market in D.C. on Saturday and Sunday to hand out some free cucumber plants along with some t-shirts and good vibes! It was a great crowd, and we think we inspired some potential growers.

GrowIt! DC Fans

GrowIt! DC Fans Seth

Earlier this summer we held a student contest. The idea was to see which students could get the most followers on GrowIt! We selected and interviewed five finalists, and then chose two winners from that group. Please join us in congratulating Brett Weiss and Sarah Swofford!

Brett is a student at Ferrum College, who had the awesome opportunity to intern with Disney this summer in their horticulture department. Brett sees the app as a cool way to find new plants and to show off his own collection!


Sarah is a student (and soon to be Graduate) at Texas A&M University. Sarah is what we would call an “ultra-fan” of GrowIt! as she was also a recipient of our student scholarship last fall. Sarah fell in love with horticulture almost by accident several years back. She’s now looking to find a career in the industry connecting people with plants.


Both of these students will be joining us in attending the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago later this month. If you happen to be in attendance as well, please reach out to them and congratulate them!

sun parasol

As you may have seen throughout the summer, many brands have been holding photo contests on the GrowIt! platform. Some lucky users have actually won some hefty gift cards. Tomorrow, August 7th, another contest begins. Suntory flowers is giving people the chance to win up to $100 for uploading a picture of a Sun Parasol Mandevilla onto GrowIt! with the hashtag #SunParasolRocks. It’s that easy to enter. While GrowIt! does not recommend any specific plants to all of its users, we do recommend that if you like/have a Sun Parasol Mandevilla that you upload it for a chance at some casshhhhhhh!

Garden Crimson