Power Picks - Yard/Landscape Edition

Lantana_GrowItAt GrowIt! we see a lot of plants. I mean A LOT of plants. Seth and I literally travel the country to see plants. If we’re not checking out plant photos on the app, we’re out in the garden taking photos of our own.
Over the last year, one thing has become clear. Everyone has their own opinions on plants. Some of that depends on where you live. Plants that perform in Florida, just might not cut it in the tundra that is the upper Midwest. However, some of the opinions out there are just based on who you are.

To highlight examples of differing opinions, Seth and I thought we would give you our top 3 plant picks for landscape, container, and indoor use. I’ll let you be the judge at who has the better taste in plants….. but clearly it’s me.

-Mason, Cofounder of GrowIt!

The Picks for Yard/Landscape Use are in!

Seth’s Top 3:

  1. Whopper (large) or Dragon Wing (medium) Begonia – These plants are dynamite! They thrive in shade and in sun. They have bright red or pink flowers that cover most of the plant. This plant pretty much looks awesome every time I see it.Dragonwing_GrowIt!
  2. Angelonia/Summer Snapdragon – If you are in the northwest, I apologize for picking this plant as it may not do too well for you. This plant loves heat and loves sun, and if it has enough of both can look really good in the landscape.  They have a bunch of great colors and it can get you outside the normal petunias if you are looking for something different.Angelonia_GrowIt
  3. Butterfly Bush – If you are a sucker for butterflies, then you have to try this plant out! It comes in an array of colors and many different sizes from a small 3’ bush to a large 8’ bush. It’s flowers are very fragrant, and butterflies love landing on the cone like flowers. It is a perennial for much of the country. It really has been one of my favorites for quite a few years.Butterfly Bush_GrowIt

Mason’s Even Better Top 3:

  1. Lantana – The Michael Jordan of plants. Lantana is a garden champ. Here in the northern states it adds great color all summer and provides good coverage. Down South, Lantana is even better. It can actually grow into a small hedge! Some blooms even give you three colors at once. What more could you ask for?Lantana2_GrowIt
  2. Dusty Miller – No garden is complete without “The Dusty”. Dusty Miller is the single greatest accent plant on the market. Possibly the most underappreciated plant out there, Dusty Miller can grow almost anywhere, and can take a beating. From far it just looks like a white plant, but up close you see that there is a texture there like none other.Dusty Miller_GrowIt
  3. Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ – I will challenge you to find a truer blue in the plant kingdom. There are tons of purples and even some navy blues out there, but none is as blue as ‘Black and Blue’. This plant is a killer. It does well in the occasional dry spell and provides color all summer long. It’s also great in the fact that it gets pretty big and can provide some height in combination with all of those groundcovers.Black And Blue_GrowIt!

For more pictures of these plants, search for them in the app in the Search feed under the “Plants” Tab.

We’d love to hear about your favorite plants! Leave us a comment or upload them to GrowIt!