Plants We Heart!

Cut flowers are traditional and short-lived. Looking for a gift they can love all year-long? We’ve got you covered. Check out houseplants sure to capture hearts this Valentine’s Day!

Kicking off the countdown with the ultimate heart-throb: Hoya Kerrii or Sweetheart Plant! The sweetheart plant is small but a perfectly formed heart. It’s considered an indestructible houseplant, just don’t drown it with too much water. It is perfect for a windowsill or bookshelf.  The heart shape makes it the perfect Valentine gift to give someone, and the reason it sometimes goes by the name “Valentine Hoya.

Add love to your special someone’s terrarium with a : Heart Fern! The heart fern isn’t for a new love! This dwarf plant is beloved by houseplant collectors for its perfectly heart-shaped leaves. The heart fern loves water which makes it ideal for containers without drainage. It also would live happily planted in an enclosed terrarium.This sweet fern is perfect for the indoor gardener who “over-love” their plants.

This beauty is sure to tug on your heart: String of Hearts! Don’t be fooled by the delicate heart- shaped appearance, this plant is tough and works well indoors. This plant loves humidity and hates to be over-watered. Its’ trailing vine will look great in a small hanging basket. String of hearts is the considered the most forgiving of all houseplants.

Our last plant loves to be loved: Heartleaf Philodendron! This plant is sure to deliver the message of love, with its big and bold heart- shaped leaves. The Heartleaf Philodendron is a fast growing climber who likes to be misted often. Thoses lustrous heart-shaped leaves get bigger and bigger. This plant prefers to be indoors with direct or indirect sunlight, will tolerate a little shade. It would look great wrapped around a moss pole and really deliver a statement of love.

Now that we’ve told you the plants we heart — share the love all month long by uploading the plants you heart on GrowIt! using #PlantLove.