New Year, New Plant Adventures

New year — a time to reflect on the year past and plan adventures for the upcoming one. What were your gardening wins this year? Did your finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig make it to its second birthday? Did you propagate your first succulent or add native plants to your outdoor space to support our pollinating friends? Maybe you nursed a sick plant back to thriving health.

Whatever you accomplished, you did it with the community by your side. GrowIt! community members are always available to help with care questions, plant identification, or to marvel at what you accomplished.

We saw so many members documenting new garden adventures in our projects feature during 2018. Member jayferdz shared his experience with aquaponics. dcpotager educated us on what vegetables and herbs will go all winter in zone 7. carriet inspired all with her amazing succulent collection. We love all of cathy-k’s projects, ranging from documenting her Milkweed habitat to crafts wtih her grandson. And we all awed at gardennerd's front yard landscape,  and mardigras showed us the step-by-step process of turning Muscadine Grapes into wine.

One recent project caught our eye. Member @bettysgarden posted a “Christmas came early” annoucement including an image of all of her Botanical Interests seed packets. Looks like her 2019 adventure will include growing from seed. Are you up for that adventure? 

We’ve partnered with Botanical Interests to help other GrowIt! community members experience something they may not have tried yet — starting a plant from seed. Check out @growit garden socially Q&A for your chance to win a paper pot seed starting kit and up to 6 packets of seeds.

And check out a couple of Botanical Interests blogs for tips on getting started with seeds. And if you’re ready to get started, seed shopping begins here.