New Friends in the Freedom City


Unless you’re a robot, you probably have a soft spot somewhere in your heart for plants.

There may be plants that you don’t like. Posion Ivy, and Stinging Nettles can be a pain.

Mowing the lawn takes precious time out of your day and those gardens won’t plant themselves.

All of that might be true, but we can all agree plants, for the most part, make the world a better place.


However, it seems that today people are less and less interested in planting things. We are too busy waiting in line for the next gadget, or working our weekends away, and our communities are suffering because of it! We must find a way to resurrect the garden, but who will champion this cause?!!?

This past weekend while Seth was in Des Moines, Iowa celebrating the grand opening of the Greater Des Moines Botanic Garden, I was in Philadelphia, The Birthplace of Freedom, for a gathering of minds. I was lucky enough to be invited to the America in Bloom Symposium. America in Bloom is an organization that works with communities to use flowers to improve cities and towns across this great nation.


I was representing GrowIt!, and spreading the news of what we are doing to help get more people interested in veggies and flowers. It was fantastic to be able to share passions and talk with people that have the same goal: More plants in the lives of more people!


There were mayors and city planners from hundreds of communities sharing ideas on how to make America a more beautiful place. Though everyone seemed to have the same overarching goal, there were all sorts of ideas and concepts on how to achieve it. Some felt that we had to reach out to the children in education. Others championed the cause for community gardens, and some felt that the best way to get people involved was through ecological restoration processes with native plants.


I got to tell my story and meet so many people. We talked about using GrowIt! to get community members involved in community plantings. We talked about cities having their own profiles to inspire people to branch out and grow something themselves, or as a means to receive feedback on the items that they had planted.


Overall the weekend was a lot of fun, and we left with some great ideas on how to add some flavor to America.

Learn more about America in Bloom Here:

~Mason Day – Co-Founder, GrowIt!