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Roses are a traditional Valentine’s day gift, but if your S.O. is not traditional, you may want to get them something that is not as standard as roses. How about a Tillandsia driftwood centerpiece? Or a Tillandsia coral centerpiece? It is the perfect gift for the minimalist plant lover.

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Items for customized centerpiece:

*   Waterproof glue *   Tillandsia *   Driftwood or dry coral skeleton *   Lichen *   Moss
IMG_2182Tillandsia, aka air plant, is quite versatile as it can grow almost anywhere as long as it is in a well-ventilated area. If you want to add moss as an accent, we recommend gluing at a lower area away from the Tillandsia because the moss tends to hold too much moisture which is incompatible with Tillandsia. I solved that conundrum by placing the Tillandsia at the crown or highest point of the driftwood while placing the moss at the bottom. This placement ensures that the excess water will spill from the Tillandsia onto the moss. Therefore, the Tillandsia doesn’t get root rot and the moss gets enough water.

IMG_2188Some things to consider:

*   Soak ocean driftwood prior to gluing the Tillandsia otherwise the salinity may kill the plant *   Avoid pressure treated driftwood as it may contain copper which is damaging to Tillandsia *   Reverse osmosis water is best for your plants as it has impurities removed while maintaining trace elements *   Coral is more compatible with Tillandsia as it is more porous than driftwood. This porosity allows adequate ventilation. *   When gluing your Tillandsia to driftwood, glue to porous crevices around the crown to allow for water drainage. *   If your Tillandsia has bloomed, avoid spraying the flower. Just spray the base of the plant.

IMG_2118 Caring for your plants:

*   Soak the Tillandsia for 15-20 minutes upon receiving your plant. *   After the Tillandisa is fully dry, glue and thereafter mist the Tillandsia/moss once or twice a week. In drier climates, you may need to mist the Tillandsia more. Avoid overwatering! *   If Tillandsia becomes dry, soak for 10-15 minutes

  •   Water in the morning as Tillandsia absorbs carbon dioxide at night

*   Lighting: Both the Tillandsia and moss prefer indirect sunlight *   8-10 drops of water every 2-3 days for lichens
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Beside soaking driftwood, this project will take only minutes to complete and will last much longer than flowers!

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