How to improve your work-life balance using office plants

How office plants can improve your work-life balance

The positive benefits of plants are limitless, so why not bring your passion for plants into the office? Bringing plants into your office or just having one at your desk can drastically improve your work-life balance, battle pollutants in your workspace, and even boost creativity and production! So much research has pointed to the fact that plants have a great influence on our overall wellbeing and can be a great mood booster. Here are some of the best plants that offer great benefits for your workspace, while still being low maintenance!

Alocasia – Elephant Ear

Alocasia produces eye-catching foliage that can brighten up any office or desk. Alocasia is also a perfect plant if you don’t have any direct sunlight in your office. These plants tend to like indoor temperatures and indirect light.

Monstera – Swiss Cheese Plant

Low light in the office? The deeply cut foliage has an artistic, structural appeal that adds a decorator like a touch to any room. Just remember if you grow it in a container Monstera needs extra support, such as a trellis or fiber totem.

Peace Lily

Peace Lillies are perfect for those who have the room, but little to no light. Peace Lillies are the best plants to keep around the office for cleaning the air. Another added bonus is that Peace Lily plants are extremely easy to care for! If you do find yourself struggling, take a look at our Indoor Plant Care Tips blog post done by one of our members!


Devil’s Ivy is a very common and easy to care for houseplant. Move this into your office and you can have a nice trailing foliage. Pothos also does very nicely in containers and hanging baskets, along with it being one of the toughest houseplants! Placing pothos on a ledge or bookshelf will help its’ foliage trail down in a beautiful way!

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