How to get good answers to your planting questions on GrowIt!

How to get good answers to your planting questions on GrowIt!
The GrowIt! community is to connect, educate, and inspire folks to dig plants. We love connecting members with questions to members with answers — that’s the beauty of our Q&A feature.

Here are a few best practices to get great answers in the Q&A forum.

  • Construct your question clearly. Instead of saying ‘What’s wrong with this” and adding an image, try “I’ve had this Polka Dot plant for 3 years. It’s always sat adjacent to the window, watered every 10-14 days and thrived. Recently, I’ve noticed the leaves starting to brown.” Add context to share more specific details that may get at the root (pun intended) of what’s wrong. “The performance of my other plants hasn’t changed. But I have noticed a couple of gnats in the area. Do you think they’re killing my plant?”

  • Do not use blurry images. If you’re trying to diagnose a plant illness, decipher if something is a weed, or get advice on a backyard landscape design, it’s helpful to include an image with your question. But make sure the image is clear. Here’s a post on how to get great photos of plants.

  • Use the “Add Plant” function for plant identification. The best way to get a plant identified is to “Add Plant” not “Add Question.” There’s a special menu in the search area where our Plant Masters go to view all of the plants that need to be identified. And once you’ve accepted a suggestion, the planting and care instructions are attached to the plant card. Here’s a video showing the step-by-step instructions.

The GrowIt! community is booming with more than 600,000 members ready to connect and talk about all things plants. Jump into the community and ask all the plant-related wonders on your mind. Expert tip: Have a question that may have come up before? Go the magnifying glass, tap into the search bar and add your topic, e.g. gnats, and tap Q&A. You’ll see all past questions with that term.