How to Care for Fiddle Leaf Figs


Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are trendy eye-catching houseplants. You might have to “fiddle” around with these plants, but these tips will make their care a breeze!

Planting 🌱

Fiddle Leaf Figs aren’t fans of plastic pots, so make sure to remove them before planting. Plant them in a well-draining pot that is 2 inches larger than its diameter.


Fiddle Leaf Figs love consistent bright light. Once it begins to lean towards the light you should turn the plant around. If its leaves start to droop, that’s a sign the plant is not getting enough sunlight.

*Tip: Not sure about the lighting situation in your home? Hold up your hand and see defined shadows, then the spot is highly lit. A low lit spot displays faint shadows with no clear outlines.

Feed 🍴

Use water soluble plant food once during the spring and monthly during the summer. Fiddle Leaf Figs don’t need fertilizer during its months of dormant growth in winter. Be careful not to over-fertilize your fig.

Watering 💧

Water the plant when the top 1-2 inches of soil feels dry. Plants that measure less than 2 feet should receive one cup of water weekly. Plants more than 6 feet tall should be watered with 4 cups of water weekly, or just until your container drains. Misting the leaves during drier months ensures they stay lush and healthy. If your fig’s leaves are limp and browning, it’s a sign of underwatering.

With a little patience and love, your Fiddle Leaf Fig will bloom in your room! Have questions? Ask the community!