GrowIt! Guides: Power of the Filter / Getting Started With Projects

Power of the Filter

Remember that great variety you saw when you were wandering through the greenhouse last week? Sna…snow…what was it? Leverage Search on GrowIt! to try to find it, and so much more.

Fill your feed with only the plants you want to see with GrowIt’s Filter. It’s locally based, so you’re seeing plants and meeting people that garden in the same climate you do.

With GrowIt!‘s filter feature, you can:

  • Search comments for varieties or brands.

  • Filter by your favorite color

  • Look for indoor, container and/or yard plants

  • Search hashtags for topics of interest

  • Search users to find and follow friends

Tap Filter, select what you want, Tap Filter again, and…Boom! Filtered Results!


Getting Started With Projects

The capability to organize your garden projects is one of the most useful aspects of GrowIt!. I have a project organized for gift ideas, my mom’s New Mexico garden, a veggie garden, and my house plants.

The benefit of adding plants to a project includes a shopping list in the palm of your hand, and a resource library rich with planting and care information.

To start a project, go to the main menu and tap on “Projects.”  Tap on the “Create Project” text or the file+ icon in the upper right-hand corner. Include a project name, location, and description. Tap “Create Project” and voilà — you created a project!

As you engage with the community, whenever you see a plant you’d like to save to a project, tap the plus sign from the plant card, or the “+ Projects” text from within a plant card. Then select a project.

As you execute your project, add photos of your plants to the project and use the comments as your plant journal. And be sure to reference the planting and care instructions for each plant.

Knocking out projects will beautify your physical surroundings, and you’ll digitally earn a Calla Lilly Gro*ward — hooray!

For added inspiration, follow these GrowIt! users’ projects below. Just click/tap on the image to see more.

Email any questions about projects to Happy planning!