GrowIt! Guides: Gro*wards


With Gro*wards you earn points for engaging with the community.  Anytime you add a plant photo, ask a question, comment on a picture, take a tour, or invite friends to the community, your Gro*ward level increases and the seemingly never-ending vine sprouts into life!
To access your Gro*wards, tap the profile icon on the lower right hand side of the screen and select “Gro-wards” from the top menu.



Become a GrowIt! Ambassador. Invite your friends to join the GrowIt! community. Easily send an invite through your Profile page, where you’ll see a link to ‘Invite friends to join GrowIt!’. From there, you can share across multiple channels. The app will track who you invite.


Unlock more Gro*wards by completing various GrowIt! tours across the U.S. and Canada. We partnered with the Lurie Garden in Chicago, the Toronto Botanical Garden, and many more to come! Do you know of a spectacular nature center that you wish to add to our tours? Email Chelsey, GrowIt!‘s Business Development Manager, at to learn more.


You earn points towards Gro*wards every time you tap the heart icon and set your image rating as “Love It” or “Leave It”. Feel like going on an endless rating spree? In the search section, tap the green “Love it or leave it? Rate Plants Now” button to see which plants are growing near your location and you’ll be on your way to a Gro*ward in no time! Its a great way to share your likes/dislikes with the GrowIt! community, open up a discussion about why you like or dislike the plant (optional), and find some new plant ideas for your own space.


You can follow other GrowIt! users by tapping the “Follow” button on their profile page. You’ll meet people from all stages of the journey—folks that have “been there done that” and others who are trying to turn their thumb green. Together we’ll set course through uncharted territory, and make great friends along the way.


Earn higher Gro*ward levels by gaining followers!  Following others is a great way to get your GrowIt! profile noticed by others and create your own community of inspirational growers.

Adding Plants:

For help uploading your first plant, check out our blog post.


Get the conversation going! Within the comments section, the GrowIt! community shares their thoughts and expertise.

Help ID:

Contribute your plant knowledge by helping others identify their plant photos. Are you mostly confident that you have the right answer but aren’t entirely sure? With over 400,000 known plant species, sure this task can seem overwhelming—but we encourage you to partake in this engaging activity regardless! Other GrowIt! community members will also suggest plant names, and you can upvote their answers and still earn your Gro*wards.


Spread the word! You’ll notice the “Share” button within your profile, attached to your projects, and every time you upload a picture. You can share GrowIt! directly to your phone’s contacts through email and text message, or via the Facebook messenger.


Check out our GrowIt! Guide on getting started with your first project.


Your anniversary is celebrated with a Grow*Ward every 6 months you’ve been on GrowIt!. A bud will begin to grow each month, with a full bloom in 6 months. Yippee!


The GrowIt! community mission is to connect, educate, and inspire gardeners. We invite you to participate in two grassroots initiatives that incorporate small collective ways you can help make HUGE worldly changes. If you haven’t yet heard of these tremendous movements, head over to our blog to read about how your garden can help save the world: #PolliNATION and #Garden4Wildlife


The #Garden4Wildlife is a limited-time Gro*ward members can earn during the month of May. We partnered with the National Wildlife Federation to build awareness for their Garden for Wildlife program. You can build a wildlife habitat no matter how small your space. Check out more about the initiative here.