GrowIt! Guides: The GrowIt! Mission


The GrowIt! community mission is to connect, educate, and inspire. We understand that gardening is a journey. Here, you’ll meet people from all stages of the journey — folks that have “been there done that” and others who are trying to turn their thumb green. Together we’ll set course through uncharted territory, and make great friends along the way.
This is your destination for finding the answers, resources, and connections needed to grow plants — fruits, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, flowers, the list goes on and on. The community is made up of hundreds of thousands of experienced and novice gardeners. We strive to create a helpful, inspiring, supportive community, so we ask that all users review and abide by the Community Guidelines.

Use the app to search and filter for good plant types for your region. Organize various gardening projects. Curate a feed of inspiration by following other users that share compelling photos (Viewable from the main menu under “Following”). Access planting and care instructions for ANY plant. Connect with other members including gardeners, retailers, public gardens, and schools.

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