GrowIt! 2019 Media Hits!

TV / Radio Shows 📺 🎙️ & News Outlets. 🎥 📰

  1. In March, we were featured in an article from the 9 & 10 news station. They said GrowIt! is the “perfect app for beginning gardeners.”

  2. In April, Cheddar did a podcast with GrowIt! co-founder Mason Day to discuss how “GrowIt! is bridging the communication gap in the gardening industry.”

  3. In May, we were mentioned in the radio show/podcast "The Mike Nowak Show.” Mary Phillips from the National Wildlife Federation reported on the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge and plugged GrowIt!

  4. In June, our app was talked about in a local news segment by Wabash Valley. The newscasters also gave GrowIt! a better rating than all the other apps they mentioned!

  5. Last but certainly not least, GrowIt! was showcased on the Live with Kelly & Ryan show! Here is the video and accompanying article of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa talking about GrowIt! in their 2019 Father's Day "Top Apps for Dad" segment. The app presenter, Lance Ulanoff, starts talking about GrowIt! at the 4:00 minute mark and says that “if your dad isn’t a green thumb when he uses [GrowIt!], he eventually will become one.”

Online Articles 💻 🕮

  1. In January, the Washington Post wrote an article dedicated to GrowIt! The story was picked up by nine news outlets in three different countries. It also receieved 301 social media interactions in the first five days of publication and garnered a potential viewership of 41.4 million readers!

  2. In March, we were featured in two articles. One article listed GrowIt! as one of the "Best apps for gardening and yard work for spring 2019" and the other article was a piece from the local 9 & 10 news station (mentioned above in “News Outlets” section).

  3. In April, Home Garden & DIY wrote a piece about GrowIt!, saying “finally an app that helps you find plants & ideas that work well in your area.” Our Tours-To-Go feature is also mentioned in an article for the Canadian Tulip Festival.

  4. In May, GrowIt! was mentioned in an article by PC Mikes’ Techcast as one of the best gardening apps of 2019. Journalist Mike Wendland, who reports on tech and gadget news, gave GrowIt! an impressive 4-star rating! The Canadian Tulip Festival once again mentioned our Tours-To-Go feature in one of their write-ups. We were also featured in a lifestyle/parenting blog called Boo Roo and Tigger Too. One of the blog moms said that GrowIt! is one of her “favourite apps for beginner gardens.”

  5. In June, we were listed in The News Articles as one of the best gardening apps to help you watch your garden grow! “This gardening app is excellent,” they say.

  6. As mentioned above in the “TV / Radio Shows” section, our app was mentioned in the 2019 Father's Day "Top Apps for Dad" special on the Live with Kelly & Ryan Show. Here is the Live with Kelly & Ryan article from their website that talks about GrowIt!

Other Awesome Accomplishments 😍 🎉

  1. Over 200,000 members have joined the GrowIt! community this year, so our family has now grown to over 850,000 members!

  2. In April, GrowIt! was the #1 trending app in the Housing section of the app store!

  3. In May, we were the #1 Trending App in House and Home and the #71 Trending App Overall in the PlayStore!