Give Your Profile Some Love


It is time to ditch the standard silhouette and upload a beautiful profile picture! First impression are everything. What does your profile say about you?

Profile Picture: Add a picture to share your beautiful face, favorite plant, or even your Bitmoji. Upload yourself in GrowIt! swag and email us a screenshot we’ll feature your profile!

Description: Tell the community more about you! What zone are you in? What brings you to GrowIt!? Share a fav quote or give us a vibe of your personality! The more you share the better the community can assist you.

Projects: What are you planning to grow? Start from seed, document in a project, and keep the community engaged on your journey. Showcase that fairy garden you’ve just started. Need help with starting a project we’ll walk you through it here.

External Channels: Share, share, and share! If you’re writing a blog or social post on an external channel that offers planting tips, be sure to include your GrowIt! handle. Help bring more members to GrowIt! Spread the word! We’re more than an a app we’re a community! Use your ambassador link from your profile, and earn credits for plants!