How to get rid of gnats?


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Getting rid of gnats and flies can seem like challenging task! They’re tiny. They’re sneaky. They seem to never go away! Gnats populate quickly and tend to spread from plant to plant. The cause is over-watering or soil that is rich in organic matter. There are many solutions to get rid of gnats—from store bought chemical solutions to natural DIY fixes.

Our community of gardeners has been giving the best advice in the Q&A on how to get rid of Gnats! Head over to GrowIt! to learn how to control the population of these pesky little buggers. Find some common fixes and expert strategies on how to get rid of gnats below or ask your own question on the app!

The Basics: How do I get rid of gnats?

There are many different options when trying to get rid of gnats. For first-timers, try these suggestions to get rid of gnats. You can always find more suggestions regarding plant care on the GrowIt! app as well.

Here are some of our member’s insights on how to get rid of gnats:

Check your soil! @yoderd notes, Allowing the soil to dry out between watering works. Also, take the top layer of soil off and replace with new soil.

@stickyfly offered a great additional step on how to get rid of gnats, “A small bowl of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap, mix and wait 😎 “

@pegcastorani says Fungus gnats can be treated by putting rice hulls on top of the soil. From Organic Mechanics. Totally safe.

@madbard69 mentioned, “Chicken grit will work on gnats and damping”.

Expert Ideas: Get creative to get rid of gnats!

Like we said, gnats can be pesky little buggers. Luckily, our members have some of the best advice when it comes to gardening and plant care! When the basic steps to eliminating gnats don’t work, try out these suggestions.

One of our users, @aliciajeannn, asks “I keep getting gnats in my soil indoors. I water my plants less. I repot them. I have spray. I have tried soap and apple cider vinegar but no matter what I do they come back when I water my plants. What should I do!?”

@aliciajeannn has tried it all! Luckily, the GrowIt! community responded with some great ideas to get rid of the more stubborn gnats.

According to @pinders_nursery, “Sounds like you are dealing with fungus gnats. their eggs are in the soil. when moist, they hatch and larvae eat your plant’s roots. The MOST important thing is to grow DRY. Remove saucers. Soap and ACV alter soil pH, and soap increases the ability of the soil to hold water -making matters worse. The fact is, a good container potting mix is designed to provide an optimum growing environment, and repotting may be advisable. Be sure to assess the condition of roots. But if you want to try to salvage what you have, you might want to try a drench of 1 part H202 (hydrogen peroxide) 3% and 4 parts water.”

“Spread some cinnamon powder on top of the soil every now and then.” @sflgardener adds.

@katdlouhy says, There is a commercially available bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis I (Bti) that solves the gnat and fly problem selectively. It is the active ingredient in those mosquito dunks & granules.

Tried all of these?

Don’t worry, there are always new solutions on GrowIt! Head over to Q&A and ask your own question on how to get rid of gnats.

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