Garden Gratitude


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I’m counting my blessings today. Maybe all this mindful meditation is working. I woke to a session called “Symphony” on my Calm app. Listening to the wind and rain on my roof, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m grateful because I feel like I’m (finally) living my authentic life – writing from home about architecture, carving space for relationships, and gardening in between. I guess you could say I’m experiencing growth-related gratitude.

Just after that morning meditation, I dragged the garbage cans to the street and picked up our fallen table on the patio. It didn’t really bother me. Just another day, and this one happens to be a windy one.

So I got my work done in 4 hours. I moved along a blog I wrote about famous female architects, scheduled November interviews, and completed a few other tasks.

Writing motivates my mind, but I also love working with my hands. Realizing I needed a change of pace, I made time for some gardening. In this case, gardening happened indoors and meant sifting through herbs. Jason and I had spent a weeknight rinsing the herbs. Let the dirt fall to the bottom of each water-filled bowl. Then dehydrate.

I know, we can just go to the grocery store and buy jars of herbs. Rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley, basil, sage – all there. But it’s not the same.

This afternoon the herbs were extra crispy. They fell, with little effort, off their stems. Like people, they each react in their own way to change. Rosemary, she’s the brittle one. No problem, her thin leaves slip off each stem, some so thick they feel like tree branches. Oregano, on the other hand (literally), needs some fondling.

Thyme, even more so. Entwined, it makes a fragrant bird’s nest. I develop a system to untangle this mess, involving two bowls and a tray. Sort from one to the other, to the other. And finally, the last bits of my 2017 garden find their way into a little porcelain jar.

Like those herbs, we each respond differently to what life throws at us. I hope for everyone, that you can live an authentic life. Whether you are soaring in the sky or cooking a meal, I hope you feel fulfilled.

I’m thankful because I can enjoy my day-to-day. Coming to this point has been a long journey (though I’m 28 years old, so I guess I’m on the right track). I often strive for balance – strive is the keyword for Libras. We try. That’s all we can do.

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