Check out Charlie Bear's Certified Wildlife Habitat Garden

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Hi! Welcome to my “Charlie Bear’s Garden”

I was inspired to make as beautiful of a garden as I could 9 years ago when my beloved mother lost her battle with cancer in 2009. I decided that every time I purchased a plant, I would get one in the shade of pink as that was my mom’s favorite color.

I began my obsession with perennials and couldn’t wait for spring to arrive every year to get as many plants as I could. My focus pivoted to native perennials as I love plants that are sun-loving,  drought-tolerant, and heat resistant as I live in South Texas.

Several trees and perennials later, my interested blossomed into the save the bees project and pollinators alike.  I introduced a lot more pollinator plants to the garden and that’s when I became aware of the National Wildlife Federation’s garden for wildlife program, and I knew I had to get Charlie Bear’s Garden Certified.

Charlie Bear’s Garden now has one side of the garden full of nectar, pollinator-friendly, and colorful plants. Another section recently added with lots of butterfly host plants, a couple of toad houses, a bird bath, 4 hummingbird feeding stations, a wild seed bird feeder, and several birdhouses and we are happy to announce that this year one of the birdhouses has been occupied!

Charlie Bear’s Garden also has a small vegetable garden and several fruit trees. My dream is to continue my project by adding shelters for bees and butterflies.

My garden couldn’t be complete without the help of my husband who is always there to help me and my garden kitty named Autumn! She seems to love flowers as much as we do and seems to appear in almost every picture I take of the garden.

Every time a flower blooms and a bird or other wildlife is spotted in the garden I am reminded that my mother’s memory and now also my mother-in-law’s memory, lives on.