7 Highest Rated Plants on GrowIt! in 2015

GrowIt! users contributed more than 500,000 plant ratings in GrowIt! this year. Out of the thousands of types of plants shared in the community — these were the highest rated:

1. Daylily

photo cred - marcusd

Daylilies are ideal for cutting and can last a couple of weeks in a vase. In the garden, they bloom all season and are a terrific choice for patio pots.

2. Peony

photo cred - robycc

These old-fashioned favorites are sure to attract attention. An elegant, long-season display of showy blooms. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting.

3. Hydrangea

photo cred - amar

This attractive shrub is highly valued for its vigor and bloom dependability. Glossy green leaves provide a high contrast for big beautiful flowers. Blooms from late summer until frost.

4. Echinacea

photo cred - agc690

A prairie native and a tough, self-reliant garden plant. Rose-purple petals arch back from a central, spiky seed cone. The blooms are held on sturdy stems. Attracts butterflies to the garden.

5. Clematis

photo cred - cmarie123

Clematis have bright, bold colors. Their versatile growth habits make them ideal plants for gardens or in large containers on the patio where colorful blooms can be enjoyed.

6. Coleus

photo cred - greenthumb

Coleus is a hearty foliage known for it’s bright colors. With plenty of food and sunlight, this can be a great house plant or planted in the garden once outdoor temps are above 50 degrees F.

7. Iris

photo cred - constancegail

Iris species are easily recognized by their unique flower form and distinctive sword-like foliage. Iris grow throughout the world, and there are species adapted to a wide range of climates and conditions. Even when not in bloom the foliage adds an incredible architectural form to the landscape.

Trends to look for in 2016

Though they didn’t make this year’s list, succulents like hens and chicks and low-maintenance air plants are trending up on GrowIt!.

photo cred - lildevil28

photo cred - chihortguy

We aren’t the only ones noticing this trend. Check out the terrariums, vases, and planters included in this list of “must-know” Etsy shops and jump into GrowIt! to discover which plants to place in them.