5 Boo-tiful Ways to Spookify Your Garden!

Let’s creep it real in your garden during the spooky season! 👻 Halloween is the best holiday for garden creativity, so here are some spook-tacular ideas to help you decorate your own haunted garden.

1. Get Some Scary-Looking Plants 🌵

First, you have to buy or grow some spooky-looking plants and flowers…

Here are some of our favorites: snake plant, venus flytrap, dragon tree, alocasia, pitcher, lifesaver plant, cactus, air plant, ogres ear, and sundew, just to name a few.

Post a pic of your favorite frightening plant with #Haunted for a chance to win one of these!

2. Have Fun With Halloween Accessories ☠️😈🦇

Now that you have the plants, you can decorate your garden with eerie accessories!

Have a blast with it! Throw in some stone gargoyles, creepy gnomes, or other crazy Halloween characters like skeletons, witches, ghosts, goblins, vampires, zombies and more!

3. Buy A Spooky Pot 💀⚰️

Our members are having a Hall-oween of a time with these cooky containers!

4. Decorate With Pumpkins, Gourds, & Lights 🎃🕯️

Carve some scary jack-o’-lanterns with your friends & family!

Be sure to place some candles inside to give them a sinister glow.

Spread your squash, pumpkins, and bales of hay around the space or put them in baskets.

Place candles in mason jars & scatter them throughout your garden to create an ominous glow.

Drape some green, orange, or purple lights in your plants for even more creepy illumination!

5. Web It Up! Welcome the Creepy Critters 🕷️🕸️

Don’t clean the cobwebs off your plants and flowers… let the spiders spew their own haunted houses all over your garden!

You can also decorate your garden with Spanish Moss, which can act as makeshift spider webs!